Joel Bines

Rethink, rebuild, and re-energize your relationship with every customer for ultimate success in today’s Metail economy

Armed with computers, tablets, smartphones, and social media, today’s consumers have revolted against the marketplace status quo. Demanding a voice, and sometimes a hand, in the products they buy, these digitally empowered consumers―"Me's"―have inverted the traditional power dynamics of retail into Metail. To put it simply, your customers are now in charge, and you must recognize and embrace this fact in order to survive in new Metail economy.

From Joel Bines, one of today’s top retail brand thought leaders, The Metail Economy provides innovative methods for connecting with the Me-centric consumer and shows how to thrive in this consumer revolution. Bines provides examples of companies that have failed to address the Metail paradigm, along with those that are on the right path, clearly illustrating how the traditional power dynamic has inverted and why it matters for business survival.

Whether you’re the CEO of a global organization or starting your own clothing boutique, you must become a Metailer―and this groundbreaking book will show you how.