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Shamim Mohammad is the Executive Vice President and Chief Information and Technology Officer of CarMax. He oversees the strategic use of technology across the company, including digital innovations and product engineering, to deliver revenue-generating products and solutions that drive competitive advantages. He drives a high-performing entrepreneurial technology team and is known for growing and cultivating digital talent by fostering a culture of learning and innovation. In close partnership with other senior leaders, Shamim led CarMax through a massive digital transformation across the business, including re-platforming all major technologies to create a digital backbone, developing world-class supply chain capabilities, and leveraging the power of machine learning and artificial intelligence.

Before joining CarMax, Shamim spent time at BJ’s Wholesale Club, Blockbuster and TravelClick in IT executive roles.

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Shamim MohammadShamim Mohammad
February 1, 2022

On the second episode of Enterprise Software Innovators, Shamim Mohammad, Executive Vice President, Chief Information & Technology Officer of CarMax joins the show to describe the digital transformation CarMax underwent in order to provide customers a more seamless and optimized experience.


Inside the Digital Transformation of CarMax
January 28, 2022

Read about Shamim's perspective on the digital transformation CarMax underwent to provide customers a more seamless and optimized experience and about how the company was unafraid to disrupt itself.

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