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Empowering Teams Through AI Skills Enablement

April 24, 2024
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On the 39th episode of Enterprise Software Innovators, host Evan Reiser (Abnormal Security) talks with Reena Tiwari, Chief Information Officer of LexisNexis. With over 10,000 employees in over 160 countries, LexisNexis is the global leader in tooling and resources for legal research, boasting the world's largest database for legal and public records information. In this conversation, Reena shares her thoughts on AI integration at LexisNexis, AI applications transforming the legal space, and navigating future trends of AI skills development. 

At LexisNexis, integrating AI technologies is reshaping how legal services are delivered, creating optimized processes that extend from internal processes to client interactions. LexisNexis's launch of Lexis+ AI marks a significant advancement in the legal technology landscape. Lexis+ AI is a suite of artificial intelligence tools designed to enhance the efficiency and accuracy of legal professionals, empowering them to meet the evolving demands of their clients and the industry. Lexis+ AI introduces innovative features such as conversational search, which allows users to interact with the system using natural language, and advanced document drafting capabilities that automate the creation of precise legal documents. With the addition of summarization functionality and document upload capabilities, Lexis+ AI significantly enhances productivity by streamlining complex tasks like case preparation and research. Reena emphasizes that Lexis+ AI not only improves operational efficiency but also ensures the accuracy and consistency that are particularly necessary in the legal field. She leans into the advantages by approaching existing operational problems with new technologies, "Those are the types of opportunities we need to start thinking about and looking at things differently. I'm not saying we don't use AI today for those, but can we change it again? Break it and fix it in a different way." Looking forward, LexisNexis aims to expand Lexis+ AI's functionalities and global footprint, further solidifying its role as a leader in legal tech innovation and reshaping the practice of law worldwide.

Reena's vision for AI extends beyond operational efficiency, touching on its ability to dramatically improve the customer experience by allowing leaders to better prioritize how companies operate. "A lot of focus needs to happen on automation, on bringing these insights to the sales and marketing organization, helping them to understand, and providing that insight into the customers they are working with." By harnessing advanced data analytics, leaders are better equipped to make informed strategic decisions, efficiently allocate resources, and identify high-priority projects. Reena highlights the importance of automating routine tasks, which clears the way for staff to engage in higher-value work, fostering innovation and allowing them to address more complex challenges. The integration of predictive analytics helps enterprise teams anticipate potential issues before they arise, ensuring smoother continuity. 

When it comes to navigating future trends in AI skill development, Reena's approach emphasizes the importance of comprehensive training across all organizational levels. She advocates for making AI education as fundamental as core professional skills so that every employee can effectively leverage these technologies. "Everybody should be taking an AI course," Reena asserts, highlighting her commitment to fostering a workforce well-versed in the latest technologies, regardless of their role within the company. She stresses the importance of aligning AI skill development with the company's strategic goals, enabling the deployment of AI tools and technologies to contribute to operational excellence and innovation directly. This alignment ensures that LexisNexis remains at the forefront as the AI landscape evolves, equipped with a technologically proficient workforce ready to tackle future challenges and capitalize on new opportunities in the legal sector.

Reena's perspective on AI utilization and skill development at the enterprise level displays her commitment to continually enabling the IT organization at LexisNexis to adapt to the changing technological landscape. By prioritizing comprehensive AI education and aligning it with strategic goals, she fosters an innovative and adaptable workforce. This approach positions LexisNexis to continuously enhance its service offerings and maintain its leadership in the legal information services industry. Ultimately, Reena's vision reflects a broader commitment to leveraging technology not just for operational efficiency, but as a transformative force that empowers all employees at all levels.

Listen to Reena's episode here and read the transcript here.